Srisetiowati Seiful

Srisetiowati, or Sri as known to her friends, has always been an avid classical music lover, playing classical music on her piano since she learned how to sit up.  She is also a strong supporter of young people with new initiatives, so when Erza came up with his dream of introducing opera music (and later on, hopefully full operas) to people in Indonesia, she immediately took interest and fully assisted in the preparations of possible programs, proposals to potential sponsors, bringing in over 20 years of experience and networking in both the corporate and not-for-profit worlds.

American-born but a staunch Indonesian nationalist and fluently bilingual, she began her career in the corporate world for at least 20 years before immersing herself into the not-for-profit sector specifically in the area of education, something that she had always been interested in since she completed her education. Asides from her daily duties as Executive Director of Surya Institute for the Promotion of Science (SIPS), she also teaches Public Speaking and Presentation Skills at Surya University--Indonesia's first and only research-based university--and continues to help prepare students selected into national teams who have to present their research or innovation in their respective international competitions.

As much as she is busy with her daily activities at Surya Institute, she continues to provide support as needed, and as much as possible attend IOS' performances.